Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Finally got my first order from Stitching Bits and Bobs today. Only took a month through the post. That's the longest yet. Unfortunately it doesn't contain the Rocky Mountain needed to finish Warrior, but it does contain the Secret Project kit, so I started on that. I'm using 28 count Hand Dyed jobelan in Chai Tea. I wanted to use Sand Castle but I must have used some of it for something, since a chunk was cut out. oops!

Happy to have something to work on, at least. So I'm waiting now for my shipment from 123 Stitch! to arrive (mailed March 12th), which contains everything for Sunflower Fairy, another order from Stitching Bits and Bobs (mailed March 24th) that contains all my stitching aids and other goodies, AND I may have ordered some more threadworx from 123 Stitch! (mailed March 25th!)  the other day so I can continue on with my signet dragons. I'm going to do Paladin in Lava Rocks, and the little signets in various colours I picked out.

I may have also bought Subversive Cross Stitch book when I put in my Amazon order for a book I've been waiting for to come out lol. It's my birthday month, I can waste money if I wanna! Anyway, I'm glad I finally got the first order in the mail today, I was super worried that it got lost. Month in the post was just too long!


  1. Happy Birthday Shan! You can never spent to much on stitchy stuff!!! And you sound just like me - always waiting for orders to arrive... I live in the Yukon and mail is sooo sloow here.

  2. Thanks! I can't imagine the post being any slower, but I guess it can!

    I had a peak at your current projects and I must say I'm in love with the egyptian themed ones. Sadly I don't have the patience for Heaven and Earth designs!


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