I can't think of a better way to spend a saturday afternoon than to be stitching in the La-Z-boy, Emma on one side, Weezi on the other, and watching my friend from Australia streaming games for me. Right now it's Fallout New Vegas.

I always think I'm not doing much in the way of progress, especially when there's lots of one colour. This Santa certainly has a lot of red. But looking back on the pictures, I have!

Todays picture:

He's skiing! Something I've never done, or want to try lol. Flinging myself down a mountain on two tracks of wood with a couple poles doesn't really appeal to me :)

I couldn't do as much as I wanted, as I have to make sure I don't overuse the wrist again. Sucks that I have to limit myself. Anyway! I'm happy with the amount I've done. My next stitch day is Monday. Sundays are just too busy for me to get much of anything besides work done. :)


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