Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Finish for Ham

Finally got Ham's stitch done today, hurray! I really like Lilac by WDW, so pretty!
I'll get a little frame for it. I'm sure she'll love it. :) I also got started on Buzzzz by Bent Creek. Been itching to make that for weeks now haha.

I'm using African Daisy 28 count jobelan and I love the colour! Good choice for Buzzzz I think. :D I'm missing Oatmeal thread so I'm going to have to find a suitable replacement in my stash for it. Also, here is my "work" drawer
I think after Buzzzz I'll continue on with Paladin. He's starting to turn into a UFO and I can't have that!


  1. Lovely wee finish, such cute colours!

  2. Okay, LOVE the colors in this one :o) Congrats on such a cute finish.

    Actually, the fabric for Buzzzz is delicious too! LOL!

  3. Love the cat....very sweet. Nice stitching, too!


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