Tuesday, 31 January 2012

plugging along

No pictures today! I've been working on Follow Me, and I even put a few stitches on Cougar. That had me thinking. Cougar has been a UFO for at least 5 years, possibly more. When I was putting the stitches in, it felt different than what I remember. I do believe that when I bought cougar, it was really close to the time I started using Linen/evenweaves rather than aida. Probably not the best project to start on for a linen novice. It was also my first time in a real LNS. (which sadly is no more.) I'm much more confident on the linen now and really feel I can get this thing done so long as I keep working at it.

I also used to tape the edges. Cougar is all taped up and I'm cringing at it hahah. I stopped doing that ages ago!

Since I made the goal of no new stash (must.. resist..maybe something for my birthday? that's OK right? RIGHT?) and no finishing this year, I am getting a rather neat pile of rolled up stitching. For some reason I think that is really cool and I like looking at it when I open the drawer. I never thought I'd be the type to have finishes laying around, but here I am!

Well I better wrap this up, I'm taking Mom out to go for a bit of clothes shopping. Oh yeah, I totally have a rant about that. Why do clothing places think that the heavier you weigh, the taller you must be? And I mean this is from stores that make their money from clothes meant for larger women, so they should KNOW their clientele. 20 years ago when I bought pants, I was considered regular height. Now I have to shop in petites and I'm still 5'5" tall. That's not petite. I didn't suddenly shrink. rabblerabblerabble!

Take care!


  1. mmmm birthday stash is a good excuse and good luck with the shopping ... apparently we have all grown upwards and out wards ... hence why you are in petite section now ...lol .... what happened to being able to go into a good shop and getting something to fit properly *sigh ... love mouse xxxxx


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