Saturday, 21 January 2012

Follow me

I started Follow Me by Primitive Needle today. I couldn't stand having it in my to-do drawer any longer, not with my new Hardwicke Manor hoops sitting idle and that really yummy Belle Soie fiber sitting there. It is amazing to work with, and so soft. Too bad the stuff is like 7 dollars a skein. Wayy too expensive for this gal, if I had to use more than one colour, that is. I'm using the same fabric I'm doing Paladin on, Stormy Gray 28 count evenweave. I figured since it was supposed to be like a tombstone, it should be on a gray fabric. :)
I actually meant to save this project for October, but yeah. I'm glad I'm doing it now haha. Who knows, I might just stash it away til then now that I have gotten my new start fix in! That is the 8.5 inch hoop there. I'm really glad I bought them. They feel so nice!
Weezi wasn't ready for his close up apparently. Either that or the Ott-Lite was too bright for him haha.

I hope everyone is having a great Caturday! :)


  1. Great start. I am a cat person and the picture of Weezi is just precious.


  2. lovely new start and I've just converted the price we pay here £5.99 into dollar and its $9.33 soooo think you get it a wee bit cheaper and Weezi's saying no more photos pleaseeee love mouse xxxx

  3. Hello

    I'm new to your blog.

    Your new start is lovely and so is your cat.
    He looks a wee bit shy.


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