Monday, 16 January 2012


It's my weekend, yaaay. We had a bit of a snowfall overnight, which I can now enjoy. When I have to drive in it, I'm a complete mess anxiety-wise.
My vehicle is hiding behind our Christmas tree. I like having a potted one like that, we can bring it in during the holidays, and put it out for the birds to play in the rest of the year!

Here is my progress on paladin. Pre-Tudors. I'll be watching that all day while I stitch haha.
So here is the website to all the pokemon patterns. I had my friend pick out three that he liked. Espeon, Evee, and Umbreon. I'll be stitching up those three for him, and he picked out one more that he's going to attempt to stitch himself! That's right, he's going to learn to stitch! When I'm finished and ready to mail them to him, I'll also be sending fabric, the threads, needle, and hoop to get him started on his project. I also have a small DMC kit (very small) that I got from signing up for some cross stitch club they had a few years back to help teach other people to stitch that I'll send along as well.

I am a horrible teacher, but he's a smart cookie so I'm sure it won't be that hard. :D Once the snow clears a bit I'll head down to Michaels to pick up the supplies I need for the three four!

I hope everyone is having a great day. :)

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  1. oooo good luck with the teaching :) n you gotttt a lot of snow there love mouse xxxxx


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