Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Late Night STITCHING like a boss.

I had no time to stitch today after taking Mom out to her doctor's appointment, then took her to Costco and Shoppers Home Health and everywhere else she wanted to go. I did get Chinese food for lunch! omnomnom.

When I said getting Paladin halfway done the other day would be a stretch? Well it was. I finally hit the halfway mark just now.

This is what a dragon's butt looks like.
I'm off the mark somewhere in the pattern, but I'll just fudge my way through it because I am NOT going to look for where I made a mistake. I tried looking, I really did. I gave up and decided I can fix it somewhere else in the pattern rather than fret about it. Tomorrow (or I guess technically later today..) I'll start on page two.

That is it for now. I'm going back to watching my friend play Fallout New Vegas! :)

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  1. Cool! If you're the only one that knows about it, I wouldn't worry about it ;o)


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