Monday, 9 January 2012

It was ~magic~

On Saturday I took over some of my finishes to my favourite client to look at. She really makes me feel like a superhero stitcher. How can you not feel proud of your work when she's gushing over every little stitch! I love it.
Afterwards we moved into her living room, and I spotted her embroidery hoop. I picked it up and immediately fell in love. It was obviously old, and very very very well used. The wood was warm and smooth and so inviting to touch. (MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER, PEOPLE. (Only room for mine in this gutter haha)) This is something that only years of use would accomplish. It felt ~magical~

It was at that moment, with flashes to my plastic hoops and Qsnaps at home, that I didn't feel right using them.

I have decided that for my birthday this year, I am going to get a Hardwicke Manor Hoop, and maybe one day after years of use, my hoop will feel just as magical. :)

I also think that it's time to bring out an old BAP/UFO. All this talk about it has me wanting to work on it again. It's Cougar by Sue Coleman, picture seen here:
He's so pretty, but so BIG. I feel overwhelmed by him.
That's how far I got. I'm really starting to feel motivated though to work on him again, so I think that once I am done Paladin, I'll get this guy out and into the TOP DRAWER (used for projects that take longer, where Paladin is now). Second drawer is used for my smaller projects.

That is it for now my friends. Time to grab some food, put on the Tudors, and get stitching! :)


  1. How do you know is he? The cougar looks like a girl to me... It's lovely pattern. I have a few charts of Sue Coleman but did not start any of them yet... When you done with your cougar maybe we can swap some charts? I have in my collection the frog and the loon and I'm not sure what yet but I promise I will check.

  2. I know whatcha mean about the hoops. I'd treated myself to one of the hoops you put under your leg a few months ago, then put it in a safe place before I put it together. Reading your post reminded me I have it, now I'll be digging it out and USING it! lol That is a fabulous design you picked and your stitching is beautiful. I think that is how our cats see themselves isn't it?

  3. oooo love that cougar and well done on getting it out and working on it ... and I much prefer when using hoops frame etc to have wooden ones ... take care and happy stitching :) love mouse xxxx

  4. That is going to be magnificent when it is finished!


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