Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Busy busy busy

I have a full day of clients today which makes me very happy! So what has happened since I last checked in?

I've been working slowly on Flareon. I need to pick up the pace on these but since I tend to stitch them while watching Tim stream, lately it's been sloooooow. He's playing Kingdoms of Amalur, and while it looks like a really fun game to play, it's not so much fun to watch. Here is what I've done at any rate:
It has that angry rabbit look right now
I started Pinkie Pie this week while my other friend Ryan plays Bioshock 1. Sometimes I spend way more time watching games being played than playing them myself. :D
I may or may not get sick of the colour pink
Once I get the outline done I can mindlessly fill in the rest. It's reminding me of a paint by number or colouring book right now, and I like it! Using a Monaco fabric that I picked up at Michaels. It's a bit stiffer than what I'm used to, but it's still nice.

When my mom said she had a thrush, I thought she needed me to take her to the doctor. Apparently it's also a type of bird and we have a couple hanging out around our bird feeders this year! I've never seen them around before, and they sound sort of pretty.
Hi I'm a Varied Thrush and I've come to eat your seeds!
I've ordered my cats a new scratching post. Instead of you know, saving the excess money I made the last couple weeks, I've decided to spend it on the brats instead. There's a very local carpenter that makes them to order. Once I get paid he'll deliver it and the pet stairs I ordered for the dog. Emma is having problems getting on to the bed so I'm having him make her some stairs to help.
It's huggggggge! (that's what she said) and 120 bucks is a steal for one that big. In stores I'd be paying double or more for the same thing. I did have some changes made to it, like sisal on the front legs instead of carpet, no dangle toys, and the top bed was to be made bigger since I have two cats that would probably fight over who got to sleep there. now they both can! Pretty excited about it and I know my boys will love it. :)

That is it for now! Happy Stitching! :)


  1. Cute stitching. Your cats will be happy chappies!

  2. Great stitching and I love the cat condo. Wish I could find one around here for that price and looks that nice.



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