Friday, 10 February 2012


I've had one busy week so far. I do believe I've been watching one too many Hoarders episodes and decided that unless I purged NOW, I was on my way to being on an episode. I might have been over exaggerating all this in my head, but I couldn't take the risk. I ended up tossing and donating at least 50% of my things. I have only what I wear in my closet, purged the linens, and got rid of all the junk in the junk drawers. The spare room is now empty. From having 5+ storage boxes filled with THINGS, I'm down to 2. It's oddly satisfying. I loaded up Mom's vehicle today with everything and we took it all down to Value Village. ALL GONE!

Work has been oddly busy too the past couple weeks. I guess one of the workers is sick with some illness, and another broke her ankle? Whatever it is, I am really glad for all the extra work. I feel sort of bad that I'm only getting work because of their misfortune, but that's the nature of this business for us casuals. We are like vultures circling around waiting for someone to get sick or hurt, and we profit off it.

I found a cross stitch I did ages ago and Mom wanted me to frame it and send it to family on Vancouver Island, but after I washed it and framed it, I couldn't part with it LOL. I really like it, and can't believe I forgot about it!

Yeah.. couldn't send it lol. So cute!
I sent all the pictures I had on my walls to Value Village, so now I have room for my cross stitch!

My friend Tim is streaming Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning which looks pretty good so far, and I'm plugging along on his Pokemon while I watch. Here is the WIP of Flareon:
No progress on Follow Me this week, or Cougar. :( Priority right now is Pokemon/My Little Pony/Follow Me/Cougar in that order!

Anyway that's it for now. I'm off to work soon! :) Take care!


  1. Isn't it satisfying to have a clean out sometimes! Your cat piece is lovely, I can see why you wanted to keep it!

  2. well I must admit we always have a clear out and take to the charity shops but I still have loads left mmmmm love the wee cat stitch and I can't believe you had forgot about it :) love mouse xxxx

  3. Pandy,
    Doesn't it feel great when your able to get rid of things you no longer have use for and by donating is even better....Good for you!

    What a beautiful cross stitch of the cat...I don't blame you for not wanting to give it away after all...

  4. Good for you! We try to do that once or twice a year.

    That is just stunning! No wonder you didn't want to part with it :o)


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