Saturday, 4 February 2012

Ah another Saturday!

I haven't been too productive this week, mostly due to playing too many games *cough Minecraft and WoW* I did do a bit on Follow Me though!
I really really like working with that Belle Soie silk. It's so nice and barely tangles at all. I also got my order from 123 Stitch that Tim put in for me, so I guess I better curb the gaming and get the other 3 Pokemon done for him.

Paladin is heading off to California when I finally get my stuff together. I'm also sending a cross stitch buddy the remainder of my Valdani threads that I used for Sunflower Fairy so she can do her own. There's enough left to do another!

Work has been keeping me a bit busy too this week. I had a couple new clients which is always sends my anxiety in a spin lol. Most of it's from not knowing exactly where they live. I use google maps and street view to help me prepare for the trip so I have some idea of what I'm looking for. Of course, trying to find people's houses in the dark makes it a bit more difficult.  So small tip to everyone - have your address out where people can see it clearly! :)

Pinkie Pie is also on my list now to do, once I figure out the colours. There are 5 shades of pink that I need to figure out. The rest of the colours are easy. Last time I was at Michael's I grabbed a whole bunch of pinks in different shades to try and match with the pattern I have lol.

Totally just went off my To-Do list already haha. I like stitching for other people I guess!

Anyway that's about it for now. I leave you with a picture of Emma doing what I want to be doing right now, but I have work soon and can't!


  1. Nice progress, good luck with finding more stitching time!

  2. Emma is a little cutie! I've got Follow Me tucked away somewhere in a safe place...which means I have no hope of finding it! lololol


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