Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Thanks to SUE, I did indeed order Mirabilia's Christmas Fairy and Halloween Fairy kits and Easter Fairy. Ok so Easter wasn't on the list, but I had my Mom looking at the kits and she liked that one lol.

My weekend went by at a leisurely pace. I managed to not go ANYWHERE, which was the plan! Never really feels like a weekend to me if I leave the house. I did do some stitching, but not on Pony OR Eevee. I was so over pokemon and pink ponies that I stuffed them in the drawer and pulled out Follow Me. I finished the skull and started on the left wing. It was nice to get back into working on something for myself.

I have a long day at work this evening with 6.5 hours of clients. I'm looking forward to my last client of the evening because I bought her some lotion/body butter from The Body Shop last week. Last year I bought some of their christmas body butter in spiced vanilla. (I should have sniffed it in the store but I figured it was vanilla and I like vanilla.) well I didn't like it when I got it home. I took it over to a client of mine and she loved it and has been using it all year, but she's running out of it. She really can't get to the mall, or even buy the stuff because it's sort of on the expensive side, so I decided to go to the body shop and see if they have any on sale again this year!

Of course they did, so I bought her another body butter, and 2 of the pump lotions in spiced vanilla. She is going to be so excited, which in turn is making me all happy to be giving them lol. I also purchased their almond hand and nail butter. I tend to buy a lot of hand creams. During one night of work, I end up washing my hands upwards of 15 times. Usually 2 times at each client's house, sometimes more if I have to glove up. Most client's also don't have nice soaps, and we end up having to use dishsoap.

So far my three fav hand creams are LUSH handy Gurugu, Aveeno Intense Relief Hand Cream  and now The Body Shop's Almond Hand and Nail Butter.

Handy Gurugu is super thick, and smells like grandma. I think it's from the rose water, but you do get that grandma smell going on. I don't mind it too much haha. If you use too much you do get a sort of stickiness going on, so I apply it sparingly.

Aveeno made a really good product with their intense relief. what's great about it is that it's non greasy, which is super important when I'm at work or need something to throw on my hands before stitching. They also claim it lasts 24 hours and through handwashings, but like I said, I have to wash my hands so much that I'm reapplying throughout the day. It also doesn't really have a scent which is important if you are allergic/work around others. I can't be all smelly around my clients. 

The almond butter is really nice, and it's also great for nails. I don't even have hangnails anymore and I've only been using it 6 days! They also claim it lasts through 5 handwashings. I use it before I go to bed as it can be sort of greasy, but I also use a lot of it. It has a light scent, sort of reminds me of the word pretty.

I can't believe I just wrote all that about hand creams LOL.

I'm kicking myself right now over a pattern. For ages I've wanted to get Bothy Threads Follow Me 2. it's an Orange tabby (love my orange tabbies) walking down a path of blue flowers. I had no idea that Bothy was going to stop selling just the chart of instead sell kits. I found one retailer with just the chart, but with shipping it will cost me about 27 dollars. This isn't a HAED size chart. It's actually not that large. The kit which is now being sold is 50 dollars+whatever shipping will be on that. I don't want the kit. :(

I don't use ebay/etsy so I guess I'm out of luck, and I'll keep it in mind later that if I really really want something, I'm going to have to get it when I can!


  1. Oh no, maybe just this once ebay would be worth it?? I've never had a problem with ebay :)

  2. Who me? Glad you got it. Pandy, your clients are very lucky to have you. The Body Shop's hemp hand cream is good if your hands are particularly dry. It is greasy, so no good to put on right before stitching or at work, but good for using at night before you go to bed. I don't use ebay or etsy, either.

  3. My favorite hand cream is Mary Kay's satin hands. I absolutely love all Mary Kay products! I got hooked on them 18 years ago...


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