Sunday, 7 October 2012

Every day I'm Pand-a-ren

Except I'm not a panda. Undead fo life, yo! Finally got my character to level 90 and have been spending a lot of time working on my in game farm. Think Farmville but in WoW! I was up til 3am last night getting a cat for my farm. This cat does absolutely nothing. Was it a total waste of time and sleep? Yes. Was it worth it? YES haha.

My friend Adam in the UK has finally got his streaming computer up and running and I can thank him that I'm getting any stitching done at all. When he tells me he's about to stream I stop playing WoW and settle in for a couple hours of stitching and watching :)

Orca is looking a bit more like a whale.
I'm using 3 strands of 310 because the coverage is horrible with only 2 strands on this 28 count fabric. What is up with DMC lately? It seems like the quality sort of sucks now. I may have also ran out of 310.

... for shame. What cross stitcher who has any pride at all in her stash runs out of 310? I'm only telling you guys this so that you don't end up in my predicament. Go buy more, tomorrow. Even if you have 10 skeins already. DO IT.

That budget I said I was doing early this year is finally being put in motion, but I think I can spare a couple bucks to buy more black and 2 other colours I'm missing so I can do Joan Elliott's DREAM.

And that is all for now. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving if you're celebrating it today (or tomorrow in my case!) Om nom nom turkey. :)


  1. ooooo well done on the stitching front :) ermmm what's streaming ???? and I have a sad lack of 310 too ... was looking for some the other day ... rather like gast or is it cc??? onyx as an alternative :) love mouse xxxx

  2. The orca is looking lovely... hmmm what stitcher runs out of 310??? I must admit I find its a little thin at times.

  3. LOL about WoW. I play WoW too!! So I hear you about the game and getting to 90. What is the stuff about the farm. I didnt know anything about it.

  4. Hahaha, I was rummaging through my stash one time and realized I was out of white. My thought was "o well, at least it isn't 310 I'm out of~!"

    Your orca is great! :D


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