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Aryll is stitching up SO FAST!

I went to Michaels today to pick up yet more thread for something, I can't even remember now and surprised they had the colours I needed. Shocking, I KNOW!

I also picked up some DMC variations, which I haven't used before but I figured what the heck. I picked out a nice variegated green that I think I'll use when I stitch Link and a Purple/bluish for when I stitch Medli. Of course I should have taken a picture of it but I only thought of the green for some reason!
Aryll waves hi! She's pretty cute. I packed up the Zebra Moth Dragon and Tribal Whale for tomorrow. One will be mailed off to England and the other to Winnipeg, Canada. My projects see more of the world than I do!

Anyway, that is all for now. :)


  1. She's coming along nicely. Love the green.

  2. Great progress Pandy. Love the floss. Green is my favorite color.


  3. Aryll is such a cutie! The green floss is lovely; I think I might like to hoard variegated colors, lol~


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