Sunday, 21 October 2012

IHSW (part II)

Yay for my second one. :) This is the last of my time off for the year, boo!

I started Aryll pattern by Dorkstitch this weekend. I'm using 16 count AIDA and Threadworx Lavarocks (a dark gray). I'm undecided about her flower right now. Think I should do it in orange to match the orange in the flower of her dress? Or should I leave it completely monotone? Help!

The reason I'm making it is because I watch Wind Waker speed runs a lot. I'm going to offer it to one of the speed runners, but it might be a bit awkward since he has no idea who I am, nor that I am even doing this! HAH. I'm weird, I know. Even if he declines it, I'm sure I can find someone else for it. Nice having so many gamer friends, that's for sure!

Oh yeah, guess I should post the picture of what I've done so far.
I'm stitching it in hand because the fabric is SO STIFF. Makes me realize why I stitch with Jobelans and Linens lol.

Don't you hate when you think you're happy with where your stash is at, and then you see more that you think you just HAVE to have? Yeah. That happened to me On Thursday last week. I came across all these 5x7 Disney kits from Candamar Designs and now I want the Little Mermaid, The Lion King ones, Beauty and the Beast, and the Snow White one. My brain is wondering how I am going to get them now. Christmas is coming.. but I went and told everyone not to buy me anything hahaha. I think if I still want them by the time my Birthday rolls around in March, I'll get them ordered. :)

I've counted 15 projects done this year, and that's the most I've done in a long time. Granted some were small, like the Pokemon, but still they count!

I think that is all for tonight. I hope everyone had a great IHSW! :)


  1. Hi Pandy. I too, love the Disney/Kincade kits. Have you seen the larger ones - I have a few of the larger ones.


  2. That is great progress!! :)

  3. What a lovely project! I would go with monotone.

  4. o man, I love the Disney patterns, especially the really big ones that I can't afford, lol!


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