Thursday, 4 October 2012

Tribal Style

My World Of Warcraft character is leveling very, very, slowly. I just hate leveling alone and it seems all my friends went crazy and are now max level. Woe is me.

The good news is that I'm getting a lot more stitching done than I thought I would. I introduce you to Tribal Orca. :) I can't remember what colour the fabric is but it's probably somewhere on this site. I do know it's 28 count jobelan.  I bought it was before I saw this pattern, but when I did finally come across it, I knew it was the fabric to use!

I love the tribal style because they tend to stitch up very quickly, and you're free to use whatever fabric and fiber you want with it, so you can use up what you have in your stash. :)

That is really it for now. :) I'll probably get him done in the next week or less with how much I've been stitching. Then it's on to the tribal maple leaf which has a home already in New Zealand. :)

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