Sunday, 14 October 2012

It's feeling a bit like Christmas up in here

After rummaging through my kitted up projects I picked up Christmas Kitty Moon by Stitchy Kitty. It was on this year's bucket list and I figured I could get it done pretty fast. This is how much I've done this weekend

It uses both Fuzzy Stuff and Whisper thread which I've never used before, blending filaments (Love the stuff!) and #4 braid. My first time doing Lazy Daisy stitches as well. I had to look those up lol. They could probably be a bit neater :) This will also be my first time making something into a decent ornament. I cheated and bought those finishing forms for this. :D

Oh, and since I had you guys ask, I need DMC # 3753 and 831. The reason I'm not ordering them online is because I have very limited use of the credit card, and I don't want to spend even MORE money on stash. I'm happy where my stash is at the moment lol. So ordering 2 threads and paying more in shipping seems rather silly to me.

If anyone can help a sista out, I'd appreciate it very much! :D

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  1. Fuzzy Stuff and Whisper. Those are awesome names. And remind me how much more I need to delve into the stitchy world!

    I haven't got those flosses in my stash either! Hmm, it's a conspiracy, perhaps. ;)


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